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Introduction Shandong Zhangqiu Blower Co., Ltd is the Leading manufacturer in China with 50 years of experience in R&D and production of Blowers. Now the company has become a large-scale modern producing and design enterprise with products of Roots Blowers, Centrifugal Blowers, Industrial Pumps, Fans, Waste Water Treatment Engineering & Equipment, Pneumatic conveying systems, Electrical Equipment, MVR system and etc.
We became a listed company since July.2011 on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Stock Code: 002598


RR series roots blower, vacuum pump
RR series roots drum and vacuum pump are produced by our company with the latest design and manufacturing technology introduced from Japan.
Product features:
1. There are many varieties and specifications, including positive pressure, negative pressure, dry type and wet type. It has the characteristics of dense flow distribution and convenient user selection.
2.The inlet small clearance bearing is specially customized to ensure the axial positioning of the fan blades is reliable and easy to adjust.
3. The impeller adopts the whole cast structure, with high blade accuracy (no dressing during assembly), which makes the impeller have complete interchangeability.
4, the shaft seal in addition to the labyrinth seal form, but also with mechanical seal, packing seal and other forms of sealing, to meet the needs of different media transport.
ZG series roots blower/vacuum pump
Product features: 1. The housing is designed with special structure to ensure reliable operation under high pressure and reduce operation noise;
2. The fan impeller and shaft adopt the integrated structure with good rigidity to ensure high pressure, high flow and smooth operation of the fan at high speed;
3. The fan fuel tank is made of aluminum alloy with air cooling structure, and no cooling water is needed for the single-stage pressure of 98kPa;
4. Intensive unit design, compact structure, belt tensioning adopts self-tensioning structure, easy to use and maintain;5. The main fan can be both vertical and horizontal, which can easily replace foreign models;
6. Adopt precise hard tooth surface helical synchronous tooth, no key connection, reliable positioning.
ZW series roots blower/vacuum pump
Product features:
1,High efficiency, small volume, light weight, compact structure, easy to use and maintenance.
2. Adopt advanced three-bladed structure, with high area utilization coefficient, small air pulsation, stable operation and low noise.
3, the use of precision hard tooth surface straight tooth synchronous gear, keyless connection, reliable positioning, low noise, high strength, long life.
4. The drive end is lubricated with grease, and the gear end is lubricated with oil.
5. Aluminum alloy fuel tank, good cooling effect, air cooling structure, no cooling water for 58.8kpa boost.
SSR-K series roots blower
SSR series is a new three - blade roots blower developed by sino - Japanese joint venture.
Product features:
1, the use of advanced driving gear, not only to prolong the life, but also to achieve low noise.
2. The inlet and outlet of the fan does not open or close at an instant like the old-style fan, so the operation sound is very small and there is almost no exhaust wind pulsation.
3. The output air is clean without any oily dust.
Multi-stage centrifugal blower (MC series, C series)
Multi-stage centrifugal blowers are widely used in sewage treatment, power, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries due to their characteristics of easy flow regulation, low noise and easy elimination.The new c-series multi-stage centrifugal Blower not only embodies the years of theoretical and design experience of xi 'an jiaotong university, but also includes many years of fan manufacturing experience of Shandong Zhangqiu Blower Co.,Ltd. It is the latest domestic product integrating many advanced technologies.
Magnetic suspension Turbo Blower
Performance characteristics: energy-saving and efficient, high-speed permanent magnet motor and efficient ternary flow impeller drive directly coupled;With low noise and self-balancing technology, the vibration of magnetic suspension bearing is one order of magnitude smaller than the traditional bearing without friction.At the same time, active shock absorption design, stable operation, small vibration, fan noise around 80db;Maintenance-free, integrated design, pry structure, convenient installation, start and stop with one key.Intelligent control.Application: suitable for sewage treatment, food and medicine, petrochemical industry, leather printing and dyeing, metallurgy, prevention and control, cement building materials, etc.
Air Foil Bearing Turbo Blower
Features: 1, high efficiency air bearing, permanent magnet brushless dc motor and frequency conversion system, aluminum alloy precision casting high precision impeller.2. The gearbox speed increaser and coupling are not required. It is directly driven by a high-speed motor, and the motor adopts a frequency converter to adjust the speed.The impeller is directly combined with the motor, and the shaft is suspended on the active air bearing controller, featuring high efficiency, energy saving, low noise and reliable operation.3. Compact integrated design, small size, energy saving and convenient maintenance.Main application: sewage treatment and other industries.
Single stage Geared Turbo Blower (Vacuum Pump)
Zhanggu-lipori single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower (vacuum pump) adopts aviation power technology and aviation level processing and manufacturing process. Its main application fields include power plant desulfurization, sewage treatment aeration, paper making vacuum dehydration, casting vacuum system, etc.
Main features and advantages of the product:
1. Aviation technology, military quality, stability and reliability, smooth operation, good reliability and long service life;
2. Energy saving and high efficiency to further improve energy utilization rate;
3. Personalized customization, better effect;
4. High degree of automation, compact structure, low noise, safety and environmental protection.

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