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Introduction Hebei Longxiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd . is a water treatment environmental protection enterprise integrating the production, R & D, assembly and sales, installation and after-sales service of environmental protection packing and aeration equipment. And by the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center testing and ISO9001 quality management system certification, we take the credibility first, the quality reliable, the price optimal as the principle, wholeheartedly serves for you!


Diaphragm aerator
Diaphragm aerator is a new type of aeration facility, which can meet the needs of all aeration tanks, biological contact oxidation tanks, biological stabilization ponds and other places.
The diaphragm aerator is arranged according to the air supply volume and pool shape density. The aerator and distribution pipeline are connected by G3 / 4 thread. The base is internal thread (fixed on the distribution pipeline), and the aerator is external thread. During installation, fix the required size of the regulator at the bottom of the pool first, and then fix the air distribution pipe on the regulator with the hoop.
The main characteristics are small bubble diameter, uniform bubble diffusion and strong corrosion resistance.
Removable microporous aerator
Longxiang Environmental Protection takes "China high-end aeration system manufacturer" and "China high-strength new splicing inclined tube and inclined plate innovator" as the ultimate goal of enterprise development. Since its establishment, corporate vision has been adhering to the principle of "always striving for environmental protection pioneer, building industry brand, leading scientific and technological innovation, and achieving product value". Longxiang Environmental Protection has been deeply involved in the field of water treatment equipment, showing national brands, creating core technologies, unswervingly taking "good products made in China, making the world fall in love with China Longxiang" as its corporate mission, and striving to strive for well-known brands in the industry.

High-end flexible microporous aeration hose is a scientific and efficient aeration device for water treatment. The product runs stably, has good effect and is reliable. The aerator can be replaced without drainage, and it is mainly used for oxygen aeration in urban sewage treatment, various industrial wastewater treatment projects and various oxidation tanks.
High strength new type splicing inclined plate filler
This product is a new type of high strength splicing inclined plate filler, also known as energy-saving inclined plate filler, which is mainly used for various precipitation and sand removal. It is the most widely used in water supply and drainage engineering in recent years and has become a water treatment device. It has many advantages, such as wide application, high processing effect and small floor area. It is suitable for sand removal at the intake, sedimentation of general industrial and domestic water supply, sewage sedimentation, oil separation and tail tension concentration, which is suitable for new construction projects and for the reconstruction of existing old tanks, and can achieve good economic benefits. The settling section with reasonable settling distance is set on the upper part of inclined plate, and the geometry of inclined plate is controlled at the lower part to form a stable contact flocculation section at the lower part of the inclined plate. The purpose of separating alum from water is achieved by contact action and shallow tank sedimentation mechanism
This product is made of ethylene propylene copolymer grade plastic, which is made by infrared constant temperature and hot pressing. It has the advantages of accurate size, large specific surface area, safety, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, smooth wall surface and easy to wash.
1. the wet cycle is large and the hydraulic radius is small.
2. laminar flow is in good condition, and the particle settlement is not disturbed by floc flow.
3. when the length of inclined pipe is 1m, the effective load is designed according to 3-5 tons / m2. The V0 is controlled in the range of 2.5-3.0 mm / s, and the water quality of the effluent is the best.
4. honeycomb inclined pipe is used at the water intake. When the pipe length is 2.0-3.0m, it can be safely operated in the high turbidity of 50-100kg / m3 mud sand content.
5. inclined pipe sedimentation tank is adopted, its treatment capacity is 3-5 times of that of the flat flow sedimentation tank, and 2-3 times of the accelerated clarifier and pulse clarifier.
Tubular microporous membrane aerator
The tubular microporous aerator is a new type of pipe aerator developed by our company. This product is mainly used for oxygen filling of urban sewage and organic industrial wastewater treatment system. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high oxygen utilization rate, reliable performance, easy to block air holes, no backfilling of sewage, uniform circumferential force, long life, convenient installation and maintenance, low system price, etc. It is made of composite, EPDM and silicone rubber, and the aeration pipe has PVC and ABS. The aeration hole is a long hole with a shape of one character, which makes it have good tensile and instantaneous closure. When aeration, micro bubbles with diameter less than 3mm can be released to obtain a higher oxygen utilization rate, and the oxygen utilization rate is 35-42%. Air pipe is made of ABS material of engineering plastics, which adopts hollow and water filling form, which greatly reduces the buoyancy of aeration system in water. The product has been imported for a long time. Our company has carried out in-depth research on it, which makes its performance reach the level of the same international products, which can save a lot of foreign exchange for the country, and promote the research in the field of microporous

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