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Products Mechanical-physical processes
Chemical-physical processes
Biochemical processes
Usage of sludge and residues
Refuse collection and transport
Refuse treatment and recycling
Biological treatment and composting
Resources Utilization of kitchen waste
Water-supply and sewage-disposal services
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Introduction Maishan is an environmental protection system service provider integrating process design, equipment production, project construction, installation and commissioning, cloud management, operation and maintenance. Our company has the world’s advanced experience of sludge treatment, research and development, and also has on-site commissioning and operation and maintenance experience.
The equipments cover stacked screw, dosing device, sludge drying system, grating, air flotation machine, scraper suction mud machine, integrated water treatment, fiber turntable and so on.


Inner Runoff Screen
The advantages of the third-generation product include:
1.1mm fine grid to prevent residue leakage
2.Excellent flushing effect for handling large volumes of rainwater
3.Efficient sludge removal with a step-by-step design, reducing operational costs.
Muti-disk screw press sludge dewatering machine
1. The spindle is non-standard and customized for different use environments to ensure the correct treatment effect.
2. The spindle is sprayed with carbide, which has good use effect and long life.
3. The dehydration section uses 2205 material ring piece, which has good durability and ensures better results in a longer period. Effect
Sludge Drying System
1. Through the principle of thermal cracking, to achieve harmless sludge resourcefulness and stabilisation of treatment
2. After disposal, the sludge can be made into high value-added products through Buyoyama's technology and put into the market, such as: activated carbon (iodine value of 150 or more), iron carbon balls, extracted phosphorus, anode materials/catalysts for batteries.
Horizontal pipe sedimentation device
Horizontal pipe sedimentation device effectively solves the problems of water flow change direction, mud discharge difficulty, more dead ends, easy to clog, small anti-load impact, making the use of the effect is closer to the shallow theory, the implementation of water and suspended solids diversion, water along the waterway, mud go mud road. It eliminates the phenomenon of suspended matter blocking the pipeline and running alum in the sedimentation tank, improves the sedimentation efficiency, and also effectively reduces the water content of the sludge, which effectively reduces the subsequent sludge treatment load.
Non-metallic chain plate mud scraper
The non-metallic chain type mud scraper is composed of mud scraper, chain, sprocket and driving device. Both ends of the mud scraper are installed on both sides of the chain. The mud scraper is supported by the driving wheel and the guide rail, which goes to the bottom of the pool and skimmers on the pool surface. The mud scraper moves along the entire width of the tank, scraping the pollutants into the sludge discharge tank and scraping the sludge into the sludge bucket.
Fiber rotary filter
Belt type high pressure dewatering system
Belt type high pressure dewatering system to dewater sludge with 85% moisture content to 60% moisture content.
It adopts closed structure with beautiful appearance.
Continuous operation more than 20 hours/day, the main driving device adopts frequency conversion adjustment, which can be adapted to different environments, sites and sludge feeding height requirements.
Full-automatic continuous operation, convenient management and low operation requirements.

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