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IE expo Guangzhou 2015 Final report

Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Exhibition & IE Expo Innovation Conference 2015 (IE expo 2015-Guangzhou) has been successfully held in Pazhou Exhibition Complex from November 10 to 12. It has attracted 201 exhibitors from 13 countries.. With an area of 10,000 square meters, the exhibition was presented with a full industrial chain of Environmental Technologies, including Water and Sewage Treatment, Waste Management, Air Pollution Control and Air Purification and Site Remediation. The three-day exhibition has attracted 15,148 professionals from home and abroad to participate in.

IE expo, the Chinese version of IFAT, is held annually in Shanghai for 16 years so far. It is  the ideal platform for the professionals in the environmental industry to develop business, exchange idea and do networking in Asia. Along with the increased market demand, IE Expo was first held in South China this year. “IE expo 2015-Guangzhou” is co-hosted by IE Expo and Guang Dong Association of environmental protection industry. Its excellent exhibition palnning, visitor organization and prospective supporting programs lead to a great success and high valuation from exhibitors and visitors.


Industry Leaders Gather for IE expo Guangzhou’s First Edition

Based on IE Expo’s years of efforts and successful experience of hosting exposition on environmental protection industry, the resources of Guang Dong Association of environmental protection industry and the support from other parties, IE expo 2015-Guangzhou has successfully attracted 201 well-known exhibitors from 13 countries (China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Austria), including domestic listed companies such as Dongjiang Environmental Co., Ltd, Xingyuan Environment Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanfang Pump Industry Co., Ltd; leading companies in the world, such as Veolia Water Industrial (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd, Severn Trent Services , JIC Positive Energy GmbH, WILO China Ltd., Merck Millipore, KUBOTA ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE CO.,LTD, Prima Technology Group Co., Ltd., and leading enterprises in segmented industries, such as Jingjin Environmental Protection Inc., ZIKE Environmental Protection Technology, Live fresh Inc. , AVK Valves (shanghai) Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tanggu TWT Valve Co., Ltd., Aojoa Ecology and Environment Technology Co.,Ltd., JONO Recycling Technology(SUZHOU) Co., Ltd.

“This exposition has gathered a large amount of advanced environmental technology solutions and products with rich content, fully presenting the technological level of Guangdong Province’s pollution prevention and control. I believe that this exposition will become an important platform to promote new concept in environmental protection, present new products, develop new markets and will play the key role to promote the development of environmental protection industry of Guangdong Province and even the whole country.”, according to the Deputy Director of Environmental Protection Department of Guangdong Province.


Indusrty Professionals Coming Together, Beyond the Expactation 

The three-day exposition attracted 15,148 professional visitors. In order to provide a more effective and driect B2B platform for buyers and exhibitors, IE expo 2015-Guangzhou also cooperated with GuangDong Indoor Environmental Health Association, Foshan Association of Environmental Protection Industry, Dongguan City Association of Environmental Protection Industry, Regenerative Resources Association of Guang Dong, Maomign Association of Environmental Protection Industry, Association of Environmental Protection and Ecology in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Glass Association, Heyuan Association of Environmental Protection Industry, Guangdong Provincial Cleaner Production Association and Huizhou Association of Environmental Protection Industry to organize several delegations to visit the exposition.

Exhibitors were satisfied that most of the visitors came with cooperation intention. Zhang Yunpeng, the Strategic Director of ENN Envirotech Co., Ltd. said: “Our products are the result of our 8-year independent research and development. This is our first time to participate in such an event and this is the debut of our products as well. The outcome was beyond our expectation. The visitor flow rate of first day was pretty good and we met lots of professionals and target clients. Besides, the organizers’ promotion and media publicity are straight to the point.”


Business Scholars Gather at Forums to exchange ideas and results 

IE expo 2015-Guangzhou has inherited the features of high quality supporting programs of IE Expo. “IE Expo Innovation Conference” comprised nine high-end forums and one industry salon. 56 representatives from government department, industry experts and enterprise leaders were invited. Ideas for topics like Water and Sewage Treatment, Waste Management, Air Pollution Control and Air Purification and Site Remediation. along with the potential market in current environmental protection industry were exchanged through speeches, presentations and group discussions. 1,500 audiences attended these activities.

Wang Baojian, the Regional Sales Manager of ALLU Finland Oy (Ltd) said: “The markets in China, especially the one in South China, has great potentials. This is also the purpose of our participation. The professional organization and planning of this exposition and the high-quality forums have brought many professionals to the exhibition. We hope that this event will be regularly held and it will continusly provide a better platform for enterprises.”


IE Expo 2016, the 17th IE Expo, will take place from May 5 to 7, 2016 at Hall N1、N2、N3、N4、N5、E7 of Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

For more information about IE Expo, please visit


Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry

Founded in1986, the Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry is a non-profit organization voluntarily made up of enterprises and public institutions that focus on scientific research, equipment production, execution of environmental protection, comprehensive utilization, development and management, service of natural conservation and resources. It is a provincial association of environmental protection industry with corporate capacity. Now, it has more than 700 members units and its secretariat has more than 30 full-time workers of high expertise.

Messe München

Messe München is one of the world’s leading trade-show companies. It organizes some 40 trade shows for capital and consumer goods and key high-tech industries in Munich alone. 14 of those events are number 1 in the world in their respective industries. Each year more than 30,000 exhibitors and some two million visitors take part in events held at the Messe München trade-fair center, the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München and the MOC Veranstaltungscenter München. In addition, Messe München International organizes trade shows in China, India, Turkey and South Africa. Messe München has a global business presence with affiliates in Europe, Asia and Africa and more than 60 foreign representatives serving more than 100 countries.

MM-ZM Trade Fairs (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

MM-ZM Trade Fairs (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the joint venture between Messe München International and Shanghai ZM International Exhibition Co., Ltd. It is a professional exhibition company with experience in organizing large-scale exhibitions and conventions. As the organizer of IE expo, MMI-ZM Trade Fairs (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has extensive expertise in exhibition and customer resources. In addition, it builds up the B2B platform for the environmental protection sector by taking advantage of buyer resources, associations and media network. 


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