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IE expo Chengdu 2023: breakthrough in industrial concept, technology and ecosphere


  • 449 exhibitors and 32,000 trade visitors reunite in Chengdu after two years
  • Exhibition space of around 40,000 square meters covering end treatment, energy conservation, emission reduction, carbon reduction, and recycling
  • Academicians and professionals gather for high-quality supporting programs on urban green and low-carbon industries


On July 14, 2023, with the strong support of all parties, the 4th edition of West China’s Leading Environmental Trade Fair—IE expo Chengdu 2023—concluded successfully at the Western China International Expo City. After a two-year hiatus, 449 exhibitors gathered in the western region, attracting over 32,000 trade visitors. The three-day event served as a platform for exploring cutting-edge technologies and development trends in the industry.


Yuantang LU, the Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Technology, and Finance under the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, expressed his satisfaction with the event, stating that IE expo Chengdu 2023 provided a valuable exchange and mutual learning platform for all participants. The exhibition promoted innovation and implementation of green, low-carbon technology, facilitated the high-quality development of urban green, low-carbon industries and continued to promote the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature in China’s path to modernization.


Upgraded concept of “Environmental Protection” to build “big environmental protection” ecosystem in the Central and Western China


Since 2021, the concept of "Environmental Protection” has evolved to include not only traditional environmental governance and pollution reduction but also the mission of carbon reduction in green and low-carbon areas. As the flagship industry platform in Central and Western China, IE expo Chengdu 2023 has adapted to these evolving needs. While maintaining a focus on pollution end treatment, this year's event also extended its scope to include energy conservation, emission reduction, carbon reduction, recycling, and other related areas. The exhibition scale has increased by a steady 16.6 % compared to the previous edition, covering approximately 40,000 square meters. IE expo Chengdu 2023 actively created a “big environmental protection” ecosystem, providing solid support for green, low-carbon, and high-quality development.


Hongzhi TAO, the Chief Representative of Sichuan Green Development Promotion Association, expressed satisfaction with the organizers' preparations, stating that they had organized 12 member companies to participate in the show. They showcased advanced technologies, materials, products, and equipment for energy conservation, pollution reduction, and carbon reduction, including low-carbon pollution control facilities, smart monitoring systems, new energy integration, smart energy-saving systems, miniaturized incineration equipment, food waste residue, crude oil deep recycling treatment, mine resources, energy conservation, and ecological restoration system solutions, as well as demonstration engineering cases.


IE expo Chengdu has consistently increased its influence in the western region since its debut in 2019. The exhibition area of enterprises in Sichuan Province has grown by over 25 % for two consecutive sessions, making it the preferred display and exchange platform for local pioneer enterprises.


Xinliang Su, the General Manager of Sichuan Xicheng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., expressed their positive experience participating in IE expo Chengdu for the first time, highlighting the high quantity and quality of trade visitors that exceeded their expectations. With the environmental protection market in Western China still in its rising stage and promising development prospects, they look forward to IE expo Chengdu providing an even broader communication platform in the future.


Technology-based enterprises shine brightly in Central and Western China


In the critical period of improving the quality of the ecological environment, the environmental protection industry technology needs to focus on improving quality and efficiency, technology coupling, and system collaboration to provide technical support for high-quality industrial development. Over 70 % of the exhibitors in this exhibition are leading “high-tech,” “specialized, refined, and innovative,” “invisible champions,” and “individual champions” enterprises. The overall solutions, as well as the new technologies and products showcased, reflect a significant increase in digitalization, low-carbon approaches, integration, and resource utilization.


Yufei LU, Vice President of Shanghai Fujie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., shared their experience participating in IE expo Chengdu for the first time: ”To demonstrate our commitment to the western market, we transported a new 12-meter-long equipment from Shanghai, providing potential customers with a more intuitive understanding of our technology and equipment quality. The overall exhibition result was positive, attracting numerous visitors who stopped by our booth for consultation and exchange. IE expo Chengdu is currently reminiscent of the early stage of IE expo China, presenting numerous opportunities for expansion and future development.”


Breakthrough of regional influence to gain more exposure


Since its entry into the western region of China in 2019, IE expo Chengdu has grown in scale and influence. Over the three days of the exhibition, it welcomed over 32,000 visitors from 32 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions.


The number of visitors from other cities in Sichuan has doubled compared to the previous edition, including Mianyang, Deyang, Leshan, Meishan, Ziyang, Suining, Nanchong, Yibin, and Luzhou. Furthermore, IE expo Chengdu's influence continues to expand throughout the western region of China, with a 75 % increase in trade visitors from Chongqing compared to the previous session.


Zhang Shuzhong, Director of the Safety and Environmental Protection Office of Sichuan Zongsheng Special Cement Co., Ltd., expressed their satisfaction with their first visit to IE expo Chengdu. They discovered numerous new technologies and equipment and were particularly interested in technical equipment for sewage, air, and solid waste management. They have already identified several suitable environmental protection enterprises for further negotiation and eagerly anticipate the next exhibition as an opportunity to communicate with industry partners.


The exhibition received coverage from 35 mass media outlets, including People's Daily Online, Xinhua Net, Sichuan News, Daily Economic News, and China Economic Times. Additionally, with the expanding influence of new media in the environmental protection industry, the exhibition topics garnered over 1 million exposures.


Thinking exchange leading the way to future innovations


With the goal of promoting industrial exchanges, IE expo Chengdu collaborated closely with industry associations and trade media to organize 15 high-quality industry conferences and forums. These events brought together over 130 industry experts and leaders, including Kebin HE, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at the School of Environment, Tsinghua University, and Bin LUO, the president of the Sichuan Institute of Environmental Policy Research and Planning. The topics covered urban green low-carbon initiatives, resource recycling, industrial wastewater reduction, and resource utilization. The supporting program attracted over 3,000 participants, providing them with useful case studies and intellectual support.


The successful conclusion of IE expo Chengdu 2023 sets the stage for the next edition, which will be held from June 26 to 28, 2024. Furthermore, the annual finale of the IE expo serial shows, IE expo Guangzhou 2023, will take place at the China Import and Export Fair Complex from September 20 to 22.

Further information on IE expo Chengdu is available at


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