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IE expo Chengdu 2024: facilitating business opportunities in western China

-350 exhibitors sought business opportunities in western China
-25,000 visitors attended the exhibition, focusing on pollution treatment
-Elite scholars explored new ideas for the future

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the environmental protection industry, companies are navigating unprecedented changes, focusing on survival and growth within constrained environments. One promising strategy is the exploration of new regional markets as primary arenas for expansion.

The 5th edition of IE expo Chengdu 2024, with a keen eye on the burgeoning western Chinese market, attracted 350 exhibitors from 9 countries worldwide. Over three days, 25,000 visitors participated in the trade fair, driven by the region’s pressing demand for advanced pollution treatment technologies.

“The significance of this exhibition is profound,” remarked Wen Yan, Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment. “Despite industry challenges and reduced government intervention, it underscores the robust growth of Chengdu’s environmental protection sector and Messe Munich Group’s achievements in nurturing the western market over the past five years.”


Harnessing industry resources to build a supply-demand bridge between exhibitors and visitors

Amid market downturns and industry consolidations, IE expo Chengdu 2024 emphasized the strategic alignment of government and industry, scientific research and enterprises, service providers and property owners. This collaborative effort ensured cohesive support, integrated synergy, and effective communication across the environmental protection ecosystem.
With support from Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment and other key stakeholders, this year’s IE expo Chengdu strategically leveraged local industry leaders and research entities. Collaborations with the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences and the China Association for Science and Technology Ecological Environment Industry Association aimed to foster ecological partnerships and connect exhibitors with critical resources.

IE expo Chengdu 2024 gathers new momentum, attracting high-value visitors

Statistically, 89 % of professional visitors came from 12 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in western China. Cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing, and Mianyang topped visitor participation, reflecting the clustering of industrial activities in these regions. Notably, over 35 % of attendees held pivotal roles as procurement managers, safety and environmental protection department heads, general managers of environmental water companies, environmental monitoring stations, engineering companies, and key polluting enterprises, as well as procurement decision-makers at or above the level of general manager.

The next trade fair in the IE expo series is IE expo Shenzhen which will be held at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Centre from September 23 to 25, 2024.
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The exhibitor statements


HOWDEN HUA ENGINEERING CO., LTD, Sales Supervisor, Zhangkun


This is our first time participating in IE expo Chengdu. We believe there is great market potential in the Sichuan-Chongqing region, and we hope to increase our visibility and cooperation opportunities through this exhibition. Additionally, we aim to use this platform to strengthen our connections with prominent local enterprises such as Chengdu Environment Group.


HUBER ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY (Shanghai) CO.,LTD, Sales Supervisor in west area, Wen zhengyi
The central and western regions are currently a major focus in the field of environmental protection, and our customers here highly recognize our products and technologies. Therefore, we have chosen to participate in IE expo Chengdu. This trade fair offers a highly concentrated platform for increased exchanges with local research institutions and universities, presenting a very valuable opportunity for us.


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