IE-expo Chengdu

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Exhibition Area: 35,000 square meters (expected)

Number of Exhibitors: 500+ (expected)
Number of Visitors: 20,000 (expected)
Visitors: Professionals who register for free admission



  • The top-quality display platform with a massive display area of 35,000 square meters
  • Exhibits that cover the entire industrial chain of environmental protection in water, solid waste, air and soil
  • Concurrent high-end quality forums to bring together top expert resources to make exchanges in regional market trends
  • Kind invitation of local municipal, industrial, and rural end users
  • Organizing one-to-one business matchmaking conferences to enable supply and demand connection



  • A continuation of 50 years of historical development and quality assurance of the IFAT, a global flagship environmental protection exhibition
  • Creating a leading environmental protection exhibition in the western region of China with 20 years of mature operation of China’s environmental protection market
  • A platform to connect three expos in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu to make exhibitor and audience resource sharing available
  • Support from local government to ensure guaranteed number and quality of buyers
  • Special topics, special areas, and special exhibitions, covering the whole industry chain of environment treatment and bringing together relevant brands
  • 100+ industrial trade associations at home and abroad escort to ensure guaranteed great number and high quality of buyers
  • 300+ trade and association media partners, all-media delivery plan, more effective visitor organizing
  • Using the powerful global database of the IFAT in German headquarters for the invitation of overseas buyers
  • Professional Call Center team, invitation to visitors throughout the year